Chain Saw Sprockets

Consumer Spur Sprockets

These sprockets offer excellent performance and top value for occasional users of lightweight,
high-speed consumer chain saws.

Pro Spur Sprockets

For professional users who prefer a spur-type sprocket. Pro Spur® sprockets are rugged and dependable. They have excellent wear resistance and
are available to fit professional-type .325"-, 3/8"-, and .404"-pitch chains.

PowerMate® System

The Power Mate® Rim Sprocket System is the most effective way to drive saw chain on most chain saws. These systems fit .325”-pitch,
standard 3/8”-pitch, and .404”-pitch chains.

Oregon Rims

Two-piece Oregon Power Mate Rim Systems are the sprockets preferred by most professional chainsaw users, but they are just as effective for
commercial and occasional woodcutters.

Sprocket Components

Some of the special parts used in conjunction with Oregon sprockets are available separately. These include dust covers, bearings, washers, pump drivers,
and neoprene seals.