Harvester operators everywhere know the challenges of a heavy workload in a demanding
environment. Maximum up-time is the name of the game. So is equipment thatís designed and
built for high-output machines. Thatís why most harvester operators work with Oregonís durable,
high-performance, harvester bars, chains and sprockets.

» Mechanical-Harvester Saw Chain

» Mechanical-Harvester Sprockets

Mechanical-Harvester Saw Chain

The Oregon family of harvester chains are designed to meet the extreme demands of high-powered,
high-speed machinery used for harvesting and processing timber products.

Mechanical-Harvester Sprockets

The drive sprocket moves the cutting chain around a harvester's guide bar at high speed and is an essential
element of the harvester head's cutting team, which consists of the bar, chain, and sprocket. Oregon offers a wide range of
sprocket types for different sawing applications.