You need your tools tougher, stronger and lighter. At Oregon, we’ve put our know-how to work,
designing and manufacturing the tools you need to power through both big and small jobs.
We’ve got you covered, every project, every day.

» Chain Saw Sprockets

» Saw Chain

» Guide Bars

Chain Saw Sprockets

Sprockets are a critical part of your chain saw—they’re essential for high-quality performance.
Similar to other replaceable parts on your saw, they can wear out over time.
It’s important to choose the right sprockets and install them correctly. Always follow the
instructions in your chain saw manual.

Chain saw sprocket types:
» Consumer Spur Sprockets
» Pro Spur Sprockets
» PowerMate® System
» Oregon Rims
» Sprocket Components

Saw Chain

Whether you’re felling, limbing or topping big trees, or trimming small ones – sharp,
durable cutting chain makes all the difference. Chain saw users all over the world depend
on Oregon cutting chain for outstanding, rugged performance. That’s why our cutting chain is
factory-installed on so many of the world’s finest chain saws.

Saw Chain Products:

» Professional .325" Pitch Chains: More Info

» Professional 3/8" Pitch Chains: More Info

» Professional .404" Pitch Chains: More Info

Guide Bars

The best tools will help you get through the job faster and easier. Oregon designs and manufactures our
guide bars to be long-lasting, with superior strength and versatility. So you cut faster, easier and with more
precision. Oregon guide bars are the leading replacement option for nearly every brand, make and model of
chain saw. Many of the largest chain saw manufacturers in the world trust Oregon to make their guide bars and so should you.

Guide Bars Offered:

» Bars for Commercial Use

» Bars for Occasional Use