Bismillah and co is a Industrial Distributor of Equipment with corporate offices located in different cities of pakistan, represents some of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial control products, and maintains one of the largest inventories in pakistan. Bismillah & Co company supply individual components and complete systems. If it has to move, push, pull, dig, drill, or lift, we're there to provide solutions.

The success of today's power applications makes it certain that power will carry a bigger and bigger load in tomorrow's world.

Another is design simplification - fewer parts, less complicated mechanisms, putting output of power closer to points of use. Here again, more fluid power! A Drill, a Blower, Power Pruners, Mist Blower, Pro Attachments Series, Engine Cutter, and a Chain Saws or Electric Product, are all there are to a machine power system. Smooth, effective motion is its prime characteristic.

Bismillah & co power is, indeed, an expanding industry.