Technical Training Support Service

A key component of every successful Business is knowledgeable and responsive Technical Support. Bismillah & Co offers two levels of annual Support Plans, Essential Care and Premium Care, with service levels to meet a wide range of needs. Read our guide to technical support processes here.

The level of technical support available during a product lifecycle varies depending upon the lifecycle phase that the product is in. The current support status information for each Bismillah & Co product can be found in this document

Essential Care is an annual agreement that provides Bismillah & Co Online Support Center access, Technical Support services and Product Maintenance for four named contacts. Essential Care is required with the initial purchase of all Bismillah & Co products

After Delivery Support

Dedicated to giving you the best of deal, Bismillah & Co, offers you continued after-sales support in terms of service, maintenance and repair of equipment. A large team of professional, qualified personal, who have been trained by our principal partners, attend to your every need -advising you on the use of the products you buy, helping you utilize them to the maximum and rushing to your aid in case of complaint.

Hardware problems can be notoriously frustrating—not to mention costly. Make it simple with Bismillah & Co Product Maintenance Services. Our extensive, customizable range of maintenance and hardware support services for Bismillah& co lets you quickly and conveniently resolves hardware issues from a single point. And with our world-class support infrastructure, processes and governance and extensive global parts logistics, we can get the right support for your hardware assets. Take proactive measures in your environment to help prevent downtime and boost performance. Enjoy the ease of single-call accountability for Bismillah & Co and non-Bismillah& Co hardware support. Faster recovery means more productivity for your business, less revenue impact and greater customer satisfaction. When you invest in multiple hardware products, longer procurement and contracting processes can make acquiring fixed-price and fixed-term support services challenging. Bismillah & co is designed to make services more easily obtainable as features of a product configuration so you can readily procure the necessary support services when you purchase your Bismillah& co and products.

24 Hour Support Services

For our customer’s convenience we have a 24 x 7 service team whose contact details are listed below. The members of the service team have been trained by our principals and they are well qualified to handle your service needs. Be it a periodic or as required maintenance or repair of equipment during and after the warranty period they are always ready to assist you.

Our mobile service team is setting new standards by providing comprehensive diagnosis directly on site. Whenever the unexpected happens and a customer has a breakdown here in BISMILLAH&CO Mobile service team we really have the technology to which enhances the quality of our repairs and helps to avoid having to do repair work over again.

It can help to set us apart from the rest, and customers are constantly developing a higher and higher awareness of what's important in the purchase of a equipment, including the quality of service which goes with the equipment its entire lifetime. Only original spare parts and accessories are used for the maintenance and repairs of your equipment so as to ensure continuous quality and reliability.